Katie Peard

Mortgage Adviser - Tauranga

Katie joined Tony Mounce Mortgages & Insurance from ANZ, bringing her unique mix of sales, small business, real estate and banking experience to the team. Her work experience covers four years as a property manager with a real estate company, six years as a sales executive with Yellow Pages and more than three years with ANZ as a business banking manager, helping several big property investors to grow their portfolios. She is especially proud of her contribution towards getting a huge loan for a client at ANZ approved and seeing it drawn down within 24 hours!

Katie also operates a wedding florist business and an excavation company. Her diverse experience has allowed her to develop special insights into the needs of owners of small and large businesses. Katie values the chance to positively influence a client’s future. Knowing she can relieve some of the stress that comes from uncertainty about the future is a great feeling.

At weekends, when she is not spending time with her family and friends, qualified florist Katie works in her wedding florist business. The scents, colours and visual design of floristry create a welcome contrast to her document-based weekday work of mortgages and lending.

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Katie Peard