Property Investors

We can help all investors, from individuals considering buying purchasing their first residential rental through to professional landlords, to look at opportunities and evaluate properties.

We firmly believe that yield, your return on investment, is the most important factor to consider and far outweighs potential for capital growth. A good yield and secure cash flow are essential to growth of a sustainable investment portfolio.


  • New Residential Investors

    Rental properties are a fantastic way to build your assets and grow your investment portfolio but getting finance for an investment rental property is quite different to financing your own home. There are a few basics you need to bear in mind when entering the residential property investment market.

    Here are the two factors that make an investment property successful.

    1. The value of your property increases over time.
    2. The income from letting your property covers all costs and leaves you with a profit.

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    to discuss the financial returns of specific properties you might be looking at.
  • Commercial Investors

    The TMMI team are experts in commercial investment. Each commercial project is highly individual so come and speak to us about how we can help you make the most out of your investment.