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First Home Buyer Insurance Tips


Buying your first home and raising the necessary finance is often a complex and stressful experience. Understandably, insurance can then be an afterthought, a rushed consideration or some aspects can be unwittingly ignored.

Here are some considerations:

What happens if you can’t pay your mortgage, rates, utilities, groceries etc?

A carefully structured disability cover such as mortgage replacement or income cover can ensure that you are able to meet your mortgage commitments and other living expenses should you be unable to work for an extended period of time due to ill-health.

In the event of a terminal illness, permanent disablement or death, who is left to pay the mortgage?

An appropriate life and total permanent disablement cover can ensure that this is cleared, thereby leaving your loved ones without a crippling debt to pay off.

Are your home and personal possessions within it protected?

House and contents cover can ensure, should the worst happen, that your house can be repaired, rebuilt and your valued belongings replaced.

Any of us can find ourselves in unforeseen circumstances that mean we might not be able to make ends meet. Your efforts to get into your first home could be eroded in these circumstances. Thankfully, during these times, insurance can provide you with support.


An Insurance Adviser can help

Insurance Advisers have a broad knowledge of insurance offerings from a variety of insurance providers. They are able to pick and choose from these providers, so you have a tailored insurance plan that’s right for you. An insurance plan needs to be right for the level of protection you desire, suit your risk appetite and importantly, budget.

Once you have insurance, how do you go about making a claim? An Insurance Adviser can provide timely advice as to how you get the most from your insurance policy – and save you time.

A policy arranged with an Insurance Adviser is not tied to your bank. If you change your mortgage provider, your insurance policy still works for you because it’s portable.

By working with an organisation that offers both mortgage and insurance advice, you can consolidate your finance arrangements so that support is provided all under one roof, while not tied to one insurance company or bank. It’s efficiency paired with flexibility.

Whether you are thinking of buying your first home or have recently purchased it, it’s worth taking time to consider whether you are protected adequately to help you through the worst of times. An Adviser helps make this process easy for you.


Tony Mounce Mortgages & Insurance have an experienced Insurance Adviser on their team. Contact Craig Collins today for a free, no-obligation meeting to discuss your options.

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OCR Update 22/03/2018

As expected, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand have today announced the Official Cash Rate (OCR) will remain at 1.75% and will continue unchanged for a considerable time, likely to be early 2020. This is the last OCR announcement from Governor Grant Spencer who is retiring shortly. Adrian Orr will be taking over the role from next week.

Annual interest rate rollovers remain the preferred interest rate management tool so, if your lending needs to be reviewed, give the team a call today on 0800 MOUNCE.

Read the full article from RBNZ here…

OCR Update 08/02/2018

Today’s announcement from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand leaves the OCR unchanged at 1.75%. RBNZ have also pushed out the forecast for no changes until March 2020.

This means rates could stay low for longer than expected. Give the team at Tony Mounce Mortgages & Insurance a call to see how we can help, on 0800 MOUNCE.


You can read today’s full announcement from RBNZ here…